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Hi everyone

I am 56 year old male looking after long term partner with middle stage Alzheimer’s since diagnosis in 2014.
Work part time and we have 6 hours daily care at the house Monday to Friday.
Live with our 25 year old newly qualified teacher.
Just looking to help others and receive others advice on this difficult duty we all perform tirelessly.

Martin, hi

Dementia is a pig, and no mistake - ‘sucking out’ like a vampire someone we knew and loved (well, still love them, but the person themselves slowy vanishes - dreadful). We make a long, slow and painful-to-watch ‘goodbye’ to them…

(I’ve just finally, with sad relief, said goodbye to my MIL with dementia - it truly was ‘a merciful release’ by the time the end came, so, so sad).

I’m glad you still can work, even if part time. ‘Getting out’ is so essential.

You mention a teacher? What is their role?!