Liable to pay more after house sale?

Thought this would be better in its own thread. My Dad’s financial assessment has taken place. The calculation shows his house valued at zero under assets but the accompanying letter has the following:

“As our client owns or has an interest in the property detailed below, the proportion, currently funded by this Authority, and, if applicable, the care home enhancement charge will need to be repaid in full once the property has been sold”

Is that correct? My Mum still lives in that house, hence it being zero rated as part of my Dads assessment. Is it really the case that if the house is sold 10+ years down the line there will be a bill from the council?

Talk to the Carers UK helpline asap.

Do you live in their house?

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I do not live in the house. It was just my Mum & Dad and now just my Mum.

She won’t be moving out / selling in the foreseeable future.

You could do a Google search for “Charging for Care Property disregards”.

It’s my understanding that this came into effect with the Care Act 2014. They can put a charge on the house against care home fees and even charge interest on this until the house is sold. That said, there are quite a few rules about it so I’ve dug up the Age UK factsheet: Property and paying for residential care (

Knowing how you’ve been treated so far it’s important to go through this and check they’re doing everything right.