Care home fees advice

I part own our house with my mum who is in a care home. We looked after her for ten years until a year ago. Her funds are droppimg close to the threshold. We have 50/50 shared ownership. During the financial assessments, will her half of the ownetship be included. Would We have to sell the house. Because I own half, does that change things. No clear guidelines on the websites. Many thank

Best thing is contact either citizen advice or speak to a solicitor as they can give you the best advice on your question as it can be a murky area to deal with the correct information.

Our Helpline should be able to give you confidential advice on this

Our telephone Helpline is available on 0808 808 7777 from Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm (excluding Bank Holidays) or you can contact us by email (

If you have a more complex query, we suggest you email us, as we’ll be able to provide more information.

Alternatively I’d suggest contacting a local solicitor (most will give 30 minutes of advice free of charge).

Age UK also have a factsheet on paying for residential care home fees

If you are over 60 then you cannot be forced out of your home and basically you can’t sell half a house anyway. So once Mum’s funds are below the threshold your Local Authority can step in and make up the difference (sliding scale depending on how much she has in savings in her own right).