Learning difficulties? Aged 29+?Looking for Employment?Brum?

Hello everyone,
I work for Midland Mencap PURE team and we help adults with learning difficulties into Employment, Training or Education.
If you are caring for someone who fills the criteria and would be interested in helping them into working life, we are here to help.
We offer a very personal centered approach, which has seen us produce some great results even with the project still in its infancy.
If you would like to hear more, contact me on Jonathan.Greatrex@midlandmencap.org.uk

I have attached a leaflet and referral form in case you are very eager and just cant wait to start.

I hope this is of interest to everyone.

Thank you
PURE Leaflet.pdf (372 KB)

Hi Johnathan

I’m interested in your post but not from the Midlands myself. I support a young lady with mild to moderate learning needs who does a number of voluntary activities and has recently taken on 6 hours a week of paid empolyment. The local council here offer a service to help people find placements and employment but it seems to me that this service only last 12 or 24 months and after that young people seem left to get on with it.
Would Mencap provide similar services elsewhere in the country and are they linked to the Local Social Services? Is it an either/or service? and would you help anyone with mild/moderate learning difficulties or only those with more severe diabilities?
My young lady has to keep providing a sickness note 3 months at a time when the GP remembers to make it last for 3 months. This seems pointless as she is never going to “get better” as it is not an illness but a disability. Her partner also with more severe learning needs/mental health issues seems to have gone through the 2 year program and now has finished with the support ( from what I can make out) so would be interested to know more

Good morning Henrietta,

Unfortunately i’m only aware of something like PURE within Birmingham, im quite new to the role as i used to be a support worker for the past 8 years
Sorry I cant help you any more, Might be worth visiting your local job centre and speaking to their DEA (disability employment advisor.)

Good Luck with all

Thanks Jon we are still under the SS umbrella at tehmoment but just thinking ahead to when that help runs out.

What sort of work?

So a lot of people with learning difficulties don’t want to get into work because of their benefits. We have been researching possible ways this wouldn’t happen and found out about permitted work. Which allows the individual to earn below £131.50 a week if the work fulfills the permitted work criteria. Your local JCP should be able to provide you with one of these forms, or you can find them online. You must also inform your local council if they are in receipt of reduced council tax.