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Part of an “invitation,” in my inbox today:

Come along and find out more about the new approach to social work support for adults in need

We, the People for Public Services would like to invite you to a meeting on …

This month’s forum offers opportunities for you to begin co-production with professionals about how we support you if you are in need of social care support.

This new way of working is an attempt to move away from traditional approaches to assessing people’s needs > and is more of a focus on the person and what they can do for themselves before formal care support is put in place.

The new way of working incudes starting with a simple conversation in which a social worker asks the person to identify what it is that they need or would like to happen. The social worker will then spend time to get to know the person and identify solutions that will enable them to engage with their community and live a successful life.

Almost identical wording to Hampshire Melly.
Then there’s the “strength based approach” looking at what someone can do, rather than what they can’t. Crazy for someone with LD.
Then there’s the idea that with some “travel training” someone will have increased options etc. Equally idiotic for someone who is brain damaged and incapable of some things. It’s taken me years to accept this, now I find myself repeatedly explaining what M’s brain damage means in practice, to staff on the LD Team!!
I often think that behind all these ideas is the mistaken belief that there isn’t really much wrong with someone, that with “better parents” or “better teachers” they could do more. If only that were true.

Mmmm … mirror images the approach to PIP when compared to the traditional DLA ?

Again … origin … USA thinking … which renders the illness / condition to a secondary consideration.

Are social workers now medically trained ???

For some carees , a working knowledge of psychiatry helps.

( CHC prelimimary assessment … social worker allowed to kick off. )

Imagine if the DWP had access to some of the future reports … when faced with an application for PIP for instance.

Just an idea at this stage … ?


Although its Hubby’s dementia, I feel exactly the same when I hear, read about his behaviour.