Lateral tests and paying for them

Hi, Iam probably asking a question here that as been asked a load of times. Iam really confused as to if you have to pay for lateral tests, when you earn carers allowance and just care for one person in the house

I was not feeling to go the other day and took it on myself to test to see if I had Covid, with a test kit left over from a while ago. Unfortunately, I did test positive. Lucky I checked. I have a few test kits left over, so Iam OK for a while. However, Iam getting conflicted advice on getting these kits and if you have to pay for them.

Ive been onto sites to try and sort this out. However, when it comes to asking about home carers its a bit of a grey area. Thus the reason for the question.

Thanks in advance

Good day, Keith Ian. I suggest you look at the thread: “Free Lateral Flow Tests” by Helena in this section. No straighforward answer but some information that you may find to be usefu.

Thanks for that.