Free LFTs for social care workers...what about unpaid carers

I just needed to check for myself the current situation for directly employed support staff/PAs and indeed they are eligible for free non-symptomatic regular testing via LFT. However what about unpaid carers and parents? I can’t find anything about us (surprise surprise). Anyone found anything that mentions us? Thanks

Only news items from Charities raising the issues for unpaid carers.

This link does state …

This guidance was withdrawn on 5 April 2022

TBH it is a nightmare trying to get information on even if husband is entitled to free tests. I phoned 119 and was told to phone GP Surgery - they sent me back to 119 who told me to try online and that because husband was over 75, he would get free tests. I followed the form through and there was a list of conditions that would allow him to have free tests but I could find no mention of any lung conditions. I ticked ‘yes’ where as really I should not have done so, and I have had a pack of free tests. But I do not really comfortable doing this again. Our local Lloyds chemist is out of the tests and I had tested positive and had very few tests left, so I can justify doing it.

The carer support lady rang about something else so I asked her and she went online and found it mega confusing too. But the 119 lady did say everyone over 75 could have free tests yet the online form did not seem to give this as an option for a free test.

Not quite sure what to do next but at the moment we have 5 tests left so hopefully that will be enough to get us through plus I have found an unopened box from around Xmas.