Lastest insistent problems in my Mum's Care situation

I’ve had to raise a further official Complaint about one of the Complaints handling officers insistance I email the officer supposedly to assist with problems the Care Agency cause:

"Hi there,

I am raising an urgent Complaint about LC, who has assured me NB would be my go to in resolving issues with the Care Agency.

As you can see from the below I sent just the other day, where today Wednesday 3rd May is the 3rd day the Carers have thrown out my Mother’s belongings they have absolutely no right to; they are solely commissioned for my Mother’s care. Non of what the Carers decided to take it upon themselves ‘tidying up’ has never been a problem before; they have solely decided it to be one to cause further problems.

I phoned Care Connect yesterday about this issue and was very polite. I phoned them again today, where the owner informed me to phone who I’ve been forced to contact at the local authority; which I tried to do and could not get any phone number neither any at the Commissioning Team.

I have been informed that other people who are family Carers to their loved ones do not have such struggles as myself, as they have other family members; which clearly proves all professionals involved have chosen since 2012 to discriminate against myself and where your claims that you treat everyone ‘equal’ is very misleading.

As to LC emailing JD MP about whatever meeting with managers in suggesting an improved working relationship with the Care Agency. The local authority have had since 2012 to improve their relationship with me, so it is a total farce I’d be expected to meet with whatever officials when the last meeting around 2018 I was met with hostility, dictated to, undermined and forced to agree to unethical conditions no-one else and especially non of yous would. Yet again, you and the care agency have proven you are all more focused insulting and making a mockery of my Mother’s care situation – my Mother did not choose to have the severe Strokes in May 2012 where she is needing care; but all of yous have chosen how to vilify me and bring all yourselves into disrepute.

You have all the proof needed that I am involved in my Mother’s care in the Power of Attorney and the Mental Capacity Assessment I personally paid for the other year to respect my Mother’s wishes, you have all voided whatever meeting you assume would rectify matters as non of yous have proven trustworthy since 2012. You have all created problems to suite yourselves by not having the humanity, self-respect to maintain trust between us all due to your unhelpful/unworkable bureaucratic rules that clearly are not intended to work or help.

You are all still on track to be named and shamed in the press as this together with every other mess you have all insisted on is of your own making; which is certainly not what Tax Payers money goes towards funding; you have all made an absolute mockery of yourselves."

I have been forced to go round in circles since 2012 unable to find the right help to deal with things. I have even requested a meeting with someone from the legal dept at the local authority which got ignored, like they are way above any challenge whatsoever. Even them taking the liberty emailing my Mum’s MP, when said MP refuses to assist me, but bows to their ‘authority’ says everything about this local authority; wish I had what it takes to wipe the floor with them, all their are worth. Even on a neighbourhood forum, others know how corrupt they are but can’t do a thing about it coz they are run by a Labour majority. This a council that decided to pay huge saleries to heads of departments, wasting precious Tax Payers money like it’s water.

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I’m so sorry this still hasn’t been sorted.
My son’s situation is still lurching from disaster to disaster. Last week I was planning to go away for a few days but that’s now out of the question.
Why is it so difficult to ensure our loved ones have suitable care!?

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Of what I’ve experienced it’s all down to bureaucrats’ main focus instance having the upper hand in professional bias, systemic bias and cultural bias, tis why I’ve not been able to getting the necessary help as it’s assumed the local authority can do no wrong despite there being human rights issues spanning back to 2012 - which confirms I’ve been and continue being penalized for not being professional or perfect dealing with everything all on my own as they all expect my Mum pick up the phone and deal with things when she is very ill and bed-bound.