Last night was scary

Woke up ( about 3.00 am) to the sound of my husband loudly gasping for breath even though he appeared still asleep.
I woke him up. he had somehow managed to take off his sleep apnoea mask and turn off the machine but then informed me that I had done it!
Got him settled again. he was still making loud groaning noises.
It scared me because I then experienced either an acute attack of diverticulitis or just chest pain and wondered if I were going to have a heart attack.
Sounds daft I know but I was genuinely scared as we appear to be moving into a new phase which includes my being held responsible ( almost accused ) for everything.
I have decided not to even mention it this morning ( unless he does) I just need to find a way of being stronger, both mentally and physically. As I said in another post the prednisolone has helped enormously to control his PMR but seem to be causing a slight personality change. It’s like walking in unknown, unchartered and unlit territory. :frowning:

Hi Amble,
do you think you experienced a panic attack last night? What you witnessed and your OH’s response were scary, plus you were wakened in the night and things can seem more scary at night.

Might be worth talking to the GP about what happened - the changes you see in your OH since he went on the prednisolone, about him removing his mask and how you had a physical/psychological response.

Hope you have a better and uneventful night’s sleep tonight,


Thanks so much for replying Melly1. It means a lot.
We see his GP on Thursday and I am going to mention then that he has got quite hyper. I suppose it’s a small price to pay if it’s helping him to cope with the physical effects and eases them.
It’s just all unprepared for. Makes me feel like I’m an uncaring person and I don’t mean to be.
Thanks again
Amble :slight_smile: