Landlines to be axed by BT 2025

I came across the following article on our local Facebook news page, and now on online;

Traditional landlines axed by 2025 as all UK phone calls go digital
The traditional landline telephone call will be consigned to history from 2025 as all UK phone calls make the transition to digital.

All in the name of the hallowed Technology, when they obviously haven’t considered older people may rely on a landline connection for a Carelink pendent.

Sick to death of it a one-size-fits-all world nowadays.

One would hope that new pendants and a internet alarm system will be established.
They have plenty of time to design it.

It’s the copper cabling that’s being fazed out - not landlines per se.

Thanks Sue
Did quite concern me as I use both landline and mobile depending on who am contacting or, who is contacting me. 2 older friends its always the landline as they just do not like mobiles.

Thanks for that Susieq, I managed to ask one of the Openreach engineers around my Mum’s area where they seem to be around at every road there. They said ‘not to get too het up about it’ and gave the impression it was more about broadband.

I would agree with the engineer’s comment, if not word it quite like that. Some sections of the press take delight in scaremongering about any form of progress.

At present most residential users get their internet via a phone line. It is a simple operation to configure an existing phone line to receive internet. I just a phone service is required, no broadband, then surely the service provider can offer a low-cost tariff to suit?