How safe are Key safes?

We have a key safe supplied and fitted by social services. The care alarm people can use it in emergencies, the district nurses use it for home visits. This morning I went outside in my garden to put some rubbish in my wheelie bin and found the waterproof cover was not on my key safe but it was lying on the floor. I tried to enter the combination code to open the safe to check the key and it would not work. Our safe is the type where you push buttons to gain access and if you make a mistake, you have to push a reset button. I tried entering the usual code and the key safe would not unlock. Thats how I know that someone had been messing about with it presumably attempting to get at the key. I have never been completely happy with the idea of a key to my front door being accessible by a few button pushes so I fitted a very loud alarm to my front door which goes off every time the door is opened and I leave it turned on all the time except when we know the doctor or district nurse is due a visit but now I know that someone has actually tried to get at my door key I am quite worried. I know that the key safes that our local social services fit are not the best and not police approved. Do you think I am worrying too much? Do you have a key safe and are you completely happy that its secure? I am now wondering if I should get a good locksmith to take off the key safe supplied by social services and fit a better one. The ones our council fit are cheap 20 quid ones and I know a police standard approved one start at around 80 quid upwards plus fitting.


A lockable safe is always a good idea. I built one myself once when I lived in my old property in order to have peace of mind as we were on a busy road. Unfortunately shortly after that, we moved out of the area to the current house. I would certainly investigate all safe options. Good luck to you. Research some of the models and also make a few different brief summary notes.

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Thara, a “key safe” in the UK is a little box screwed onto the wall outside a front door or similar. There is a key code pad, and with the right number the box can be opened to get to the door key inside.


I am ambivalent frankly partially because I have cats but I also do not like the idea of people being able to get in and out of my house. The District Nurses did suggest one when they were visiting to deal with my husband - they have since discharged him for his non compliance.

I would look at maybe talking to the Police - I think there is a Community Police line in most areas and getting their advice. Yes, you would have to pay substantially more but frankly it is well worth it. Also check with your insurance as some insurers will not insure houses with key safes.

It is a toughie as it does give the Carer more freedom but for me, the risk to my home and cats was simply too high.


My late mum could not have lived at home without hers. However, I now know that there are Police approved models, I’m not sure the one Social Services fitted for her was one of these.

Maybe ask Social Services why they are fitting not approved key safes?
(I bet they just asked someone to fit them without even being aware some were approved, others were not!!)

Sounds a similar keysafe to what my mum has although we brought and fitted it ourseleves. The cover came off a while ago due to the wind and it does occasionally stick probably due to me being a bit clumsy and accidentally catching a button. It is postioned such that it can not be accessed without passing Ring. If you concerned though ask SS to replace it with a better one, my daughter had one that you almost needed to be a safe cracker to get in to!

thanks, this was really helpful.