Keep safe - don't give out your personal details

A general reminder to everyone not to give out your personal details on the forum - you don’t know who is seeing them or how they will use them. Keep safe!

Carers UK

Here…Here…VERY…VERY…Wise advice.

Thanks.It is easy to become complacent.

I’ve made this one a sticky.

ITS ESSENTIAL HERE.(I cannot speak for anyone other than myself,nor would EVER try to do so),as I do not know anyone on this forum personally,only by the online persona they adopt here,(and everyone knows anyone can be anyone online),I would NEVER dream of sharing personal details.I trust no on-line version of a person,anyway.We maybe “Carers”,but,in terms of private details,we DO NOT need to be “Sharers”.BE VERY VERY CAUTIOUS,is my view.

Excellent advise. I have not been caught…yet, but have been pretty close to doing something stupid.
Rosemary deleted a post where I unwittingly gave out my full address, by posting a letter from my MP. I just scanned and posted it without a thought to my personal details. I was able to re-post it with my address covered up, so thanks again for that Rosemary!

Here,we are always at risk of being innocents abroard.Gulible.ONLY MY VIEW.Make of it what you will.But I never “Trust” on these forums.“Trust” is earned over a long time,as far as I am concerned.Like “Respect”.Takes a long time for me to bestow either in the REAL world.Here,I wouldnt dream of it.

That might seem a very downbeat assessment,but,with great respect to all here,as I dont know YOU,only the “You” that YOU project here,and as you dont ME,come to that,only this “ME” you read here,Being a realist about it,Im VERY wary.I NEVER would trust forums,much-else on line where interaction happens,not for anything beyond general abstract discussions.