Just need some advice

Hello. I’m new to this group so thank you for allowing me to join.
My mother has pulmonary fibrosis and requires oxygen 24 hours a day. She retains CO2 so needs to wear a mask every night. Her mobility is extremely limited and she struggles to manage her personal care.
She lives with my father who is diabetic and infirm. He has very bad arthritis in his knees, struggles to walk and has short term memory loss. They live alone in their own home. The situation is very difficult at the best of times - made worse by the current pandemic as neither my sister or myself or anyone in fact are visiting them, as advised.
Despite keeping in touch and doing what we can at the moment, we receive text messages reinforcing how they need urgent help.
What can we do?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

They need to contact Social Services.
How old are they?

There are a number of volunteer groups being set up all over the country - perhaps you could register your parents with one of these ?

(if you click on the head of column D you can order it alphabetically by location)

Now a new web site bringing most of the local mutual aid groups together.

Simply SEARCH using your post code :
Find your local group – Covid-19 Mutual Aid

Thank you for your kind responses. I am going to contact SS tomorrow. They did have them temporarily but weren’t over keen but I think there is no option now to be fussy.

Bear in mind that many support services are " Suspended " or lacking though staff shortages nationwide :


Tell them that they need to have carers in as you CANNOT do it all, with the virus etc. This is not the time for them to be fussy, and it’s going to get a whole lot worse before we can get back to anything like normality, and their needs are increasing all the time as they and you get older!!! Not all support services are suspended.

Hello and welcome!

Have you had a needs assessment or not? Call up the local council to begin the process on Monday morning first thing. Make the most of the opportunity. Be honest and mention everything that concerns you as well. Use a notepad for questions. Do not hesitate to ask some questions too. Tell us a bit more about your caree.
You cannot do everything on your own, it is not practical. Make a list of tasks on your laptop for everyone to do. Print a couple of copies out and laminate them. Pin them up on a wall or in a easily visible place in the house. Find ways for them to assist you. Can they do some of the food shopping for example?