Just feeling so lost

I may be able to help with the sleep at least.
Something very valuable I learned I think from an Arthritis Care magazine, when I’d had a car accident that disabled me I was in constant pain until I had knee replacements in 2009/2011.
FORGET about getting to sleep.
Concentrate instead of relaxing your body, being very comfortable, muscles relaxed.
Bath before bed, cocoa, hot water bottle to cuddle if needed.
I have saved programmes on my Sky box in my bedroom, things like Michael Portillo’s Great Railway journeys for example. I concentrate on what is being said, which forces the other rubbish out of my head. I find I’m asleep almost before he’s told us about his Bradshaw’s Guide! This is not the time for whodunnits.
Tense and then relax your leg muscles, arms, shoulders etc .As a keen dressmaker, rather than counting sheep I start making a dress in my head - I’m always asleep before it’s finished.
You mention weight loss, yo won’t sleep if you are hungry.
A friend mentioned talking books put her to sleep. Whilst you are listening to something, the rest of your body can relax.
I really think you need to block mum’s calls, especially after a certain time of day, for the sake of your own sanity. After all, she never takes any notice of what you say anyhow, and I believe that she could be doing it to drag you back home!?

Thank you. This is good advice. I have Gordon Ramseys kitchen nightmares on in the background. I’m not particularly watching it but I can hear it.

I’m trying to understand if it is exhaustion or physical tiredness really. I have felt like it all week. I also noticed this morning that the sun was shining through the curtains directly on to my bed, so I wonder if that could be a cause. I put a towel up to block it.

Don’t worry too much about the weight loss thing. I eat much better than I was. I have pcos and I had a few issues with medication since there was a backlog in the system. It took a couple of months for my gp to get hold of my prescription which the consultant prescribed. I’m now taking that medication daily, so it could be a side effect.

I’m also probably eating better to save money, at work for lunch I usually have a bowl of cornflakes instead of meal deals and stuff. A box of 50p cornflakes lasts ages and I only have to buy a 2 pint of milk a week at £1.50.

I’m also eating a lot more whole foods and batch cooking.

As far as I am concerned I am not hungry, I am eating and loosing weight. I’m not exactly skinny so weight loss is not a bad thing.

As for mum it’s kind of damed if I do, damned if I don’t. I will speak to the social worker about extending her care package since it is clearly helping. Even mum admits that.

I have had a tough week and I’m a little bit out of it to be honest. I don’t want to sound defeated in anyway and like I’m not taking advice because I am. Unfortunately I had to face a situation which is an absolute nightmare to me. If I can take one good thing out of it, it demonstrates that I do need some support which I previously hadn’t considered.

I’m very light sensitive. Blackout lining is the answer. As you are in a rented place, how wide is your window? I can give you a cheap and easy solution that won’t damage the window frame.

It’s about a metre wide and about 1.5 metres high. To be honest after this morning I am not so sure that it is the light sensitivity thing.

I just think it is my body clock and there is no real thing about it really. It’s not the worst thing in the world though. Today was abit easier, I was still up early but I didn’t have anything planned so I could rest. I later went out for a couple hours to get some crisps and dip as a treat and go charity shop hunting.

Mum also had the bail meeting today. Unfortunately they cancelled it and didn’t tell her so she went just to be told to come back. Apparently the officer dealing with the case was sick. That isn’t such a bad thing really there is now a seperate investigation going on against him so that should lend into it.

However I have told her she needs to behave really and just stay away from idiots.

To cut the light out, you need an extending net rail for your width, they cost £5-10. and enough blackout lining to cover the entire window, plus a bit extra for some sort of hem at the top. Just a few tacking stitches will do, but if you know someone local with a sewing machine, they might do it for you. Alternatively, you can buy ready made linings for the curtains, which then attach using the header tape. Well worth a try, especially in mid summer when the sun rises early, and it will keep you warmer in winter too.

Thank you for this. I will look into it once I get paid in a couple of days.

I should also have mentioned that Ikea do curtains with built in blackout at very reasonable prices.

Thanks. My sister asked if we could go to IKEA at some point. I’ve been meaning to go for a while. There are two nearby one near Leeds and the other near Sheffield. Will probably go to the Sheffield one when I get the chance since it’s near Meadowhall.

The last couple of days I have slept quite oddly and haven’t woken up so early. I have been very very tired. It started on Sunday when the incident happened, I only got a couple hours sleep that night. I was on high alert. As I went to work I had an issue with my car. I was going up a slight slope just outside the town I work and my car just stopped. At first I thought it was the battery. I called the garage and asked about it they said they would come down to rescue me since it was only two minutes away. I got out my car to prepare for them and I noticed a puddle of oily stuff. The mechanic arrived and he said that the fuel pump randomly disconnected. No one really knows why it happened. It hasn’t happened before and it hasn’t happened since. The car is fine now. It could have just been a bad connection combined with the bumpiness of rural roads.

Every morning since I have had some sort of incident. Though not so bad. More funny than anything.

Above all I have just been so tired and constantly yawning even at work. I have been waking up at 7:30 completely shattered still. Im finding it difficult really. Yesterday was a nice evening, a new takeaway opened near me and it was offering gyros at half price. It was the first time I had one. It was nice. I also managed to play games for a couple of hours before I fell asleep to a travel doc. Tonight I am more on edge and just very tired. I had tea and managed an hour on the game, but now I am in bed struggling to stay awake