Just arrived

Hello all

I’m new,here. Just to say hello to everyone

Hello and welcome?

Do you wish to tell us a bit more about yourself? Who do you care for?

Hi Isabel, welcome to the forum.


I came from Portugal. I’m here,in England, almost a year.
Work in a nursing home and I love it. I love the residents, but sometimes it’s so difficult. Specially when someone dies.
But I love my job and I’m very happy to be here.

Good for you … social care in the UK would collapse if it were not for two factors :

  1. EU nationals taken on low pay jobs within the care industry.

  2. The contribution made by us … 8 million + family / kinship carers … wherein even the low pay enjoyed by paid care workers would be considered a windfall for us.


Take as much bereavement training as you can. If you find you employer doesn’t provide the training you require. Ask them and also you can be proactive and look for additional training.