Jason and new

Hi all,im a new person to this site and been told to join by a few nurses just for that little bit of advice on a few things.

Hello Jason and welcome
It would help if you say a bit more about your caring situation, and what advice you are needing


Hi there,i will add the details.
Im 49 and caring for my 90 year old dad,im a living carer and done caring for 15+years first with my mom and now dad which is around 10 years.
The main reason to come on here is he has a catheter bag for just over 6 years and just around 3 or so problems i could need any advice on which i have added to a topic on this forum.
I have to say i was a very strong minded person and will try and solve stuff in the best way and im very hands on doing stuff,no frightened to get my hands dirty in any situation.
I say a big thanks to all in advance and hope i can get that bit more info on the problems im trying to help/solve.

Thanks for that Jason
We hope you share your experience as well as your queries, that’s a long time to be a carer.
Do you get any help from family or outside carers?


Hi,no its just me and dad and you could say i do everything from house stuff to caring,we have a cleaner come for a few hours which does downstairs as we live upstairs as no toilet or was facilities downstairs,she don’t do upstairs.
I do have a older brother but he has mental health problems and don’t live close its only phone calls.
See dad is a very nervous/frightened person and don’t want to be messed about at his age which a lot of nurses/doctors do understand and i do 100%,well the odd one or two does upset him a lot when they say stuff,he listens and it worries him.
There is not a lot people can help me with coming in as we have had people come round and asses dad and being the catheter he likes and makes him more happier me washing him so i break it down in the week,we have frames/and a lot of stuff fitted.
My life changed around my age of 35 and i have to say i have learnt a load of medical stuff through being hands on as mom had a stoma bag for 6 months so i have seen both things also went through the cancer stages with her over 3 years.
Yes it gets me down but its life and we just get though it the best we can.