I have 3 children age 15, 7 & 3, & my 21 year old stepson lives with us since his mum died.
My 15 year old has complex health issues & is at high risk of this virus due to having scoliosis & reduced lung capacity, my stepson also has complex needs plus challenging behaviour, autism & severe learning difficulties.
Im isolating all 3 of my children to protect my son but my step son is still attending his day centre & it would be very hard for me to isolate him too.
My partner’s a furniture delivery driver who delivers to many customers each day & has to go in their houses to make up the furniture, he does not get sick pay.
So my worry is that i’m doing everything possible to protect my son by isolating 3 of my children but as my partner & step son are still going out they could easily bring the virus into the house!
Is there any financial help anyone knows about so my partner could stay home due to this virus so my stepson can too & then my son wouldn’t be so much at risk?
Sorry for long post :smiley:

Someone near me is advertising for a caravan to isolate some of the family.

I don’t know how this works but the government is going to pay up to 80 per cent of wages for people who cannot work.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak said on Friday that government grants would cover 80% of staff salaries for those who are kept on by their employer but are unable to work.

So would that apply to your family?