Is Carer’s Allowance in need of modernisation?

For those interested; Government is looking tnto Carer’s Allowance the pros and cons. I know it’s early days let’s hope something positive happens.

Is Carer’s Allowance in need of modernisation? - Work and Pensions Committee to hold one-off evidence session

The Work and Pensions Committee is to explore the case for reforming Carer’s Allowance (CA) after hearing it is in need of modernisation, during evidence to its benefit levels inquiry.

Evidence of Carer’s Allowance Review

Video of Carer’s Allowance Evidence Session

Transcript of Carer’s Allowance Evidence Session


I believe it should be raised to equate to the National Minimum wage - with similar benefits to paid sick leave, guaranteed time off, and pension contributions.

It’s 20 years since my motion proposing this was passed almost unanimously at the Carers UK AGM in London. A lot has changed since then, especially the availability of foreign workers since Brexit. My mum had many carers from overseas, many were highly qualified medical professionals who needed to improve their English before being allowed to practice. They all loved mum, who would correct any grammatical errors in a very kind way. I think at times they particularly requested going to her for this reason!
If family carers were granted this right, it would then free up their carers to be used elsewhere. Very often mothers would like their daughters to care for them, but the daughter simply had to go out to work to earn a living.