If you could ask the government

If you could ask the government questions about any of these topics, what would they be?


Carer’s Allowance

Social care reform

Breaks/respite reinstatement

ID for unpaid carers

I’d like to know when the UK government is going to recognise unpaid carers for the valuable resource that we are, especially during the current pandemic and take action to increase the amount of carers allowance we’re entitled to.

I’d also like to know if there’s any plans to follow Scotland’s lead and pay those receiving carers allowance a “Coronaviris supplement”.

With regards to access to PPE, the Welsh government is apparently going to be publishing new guidance on the provision of PPE to unpaid carers soon. Not sure if the other governments are planning to do the same though.


Will give it some thought.

Who will you be speaking with in Government and when?,

At the 2004 CUK AGM my motion, that CA should equate to the Minimum Wage, was passed almost unanimously.
I raised the fact that it’s the only “wage” that is taken away from you if you get a second job.
That Carers have no “employment rights” to holiday pay, or sick pay. (My friend caring for her mum in Western Australia had a right to a place at a respite hotel type setting, for either 4 or 6 weeks a year, that could be booked well in advance, so she could come to the UK and stay with me).
I’d also like to see some sort of “Carers Pension” so that after you’d been a carer unable to work, that you would have that recognised on retirement.
Denying carers CA when they are under age, students, or pensioners, is a disgrace. Pensioners caring deserve MORE help, not less!

PPE - automatic access to PPE provision. Carers in the community should have the same rights of access. They are looking after some of the most vulnerable individuals.

Carers allowance - should be at least in the short term increased to match Scotland. Long term there needs to be a long over due overhaul of the current system. Pensioners should still receive carers allowance. They still continue to care regardless of their age.

Social Care reform - Social care staff should be treated equivalently to the NHS staff. There skills and knowledge and training should be cohesive. Both sectors should do work experience in each setting. So both sectors understand what happens in each service.

Breaks/respite reinstatement - Increase the duration and level of grants. So carers can make better choices. Adapted and respite accommodation facilities. Because of types of equipment space required are at premium costs. Most are out of reach for carers and individuals with special needs. example: ''my husband requires a flush threshold(powered wheelchair) to a property and wet floor. These types of properties are limited. And can be for large parties of guests- more bedrooms than we actual need. So we end up paying a large supplement for unused bedrooms.

ID for unpaid carers - I have a local card. However a recognised anywhere national Government card would be more beneficial.

A proper respite break for unpaid, (i.e. pensioner carers) where the carees respite is at least paid for by the government.

Without that, for a married couple where one is carer and the other is caree the cost of any holiday is doubled, (or worse).

This is my list of topics

I think that I would ask them a few questions about adaptive equipment and how and where to find it. They could publish a helpful booklet on adaptive equipment and also provides useful advice and tips to families etc as well. Again a site may be useful here.

Another topic that has been on my mind lately is education for disabled kids. There needs to be tailored information and support for families who are new to sen education. National advice hubs would also be a fabulous idea too. A online easy to find and read resource with tips on finding a school that will actually support your child at home and in school would also be welcome as well. This could even take the form of a advice sheet or a leaflet. Such resources could be quickly downloaded from a website. What about a forum? I have had a hard time accessing and finding resources. Not to mention more specialist training opportunities.

This is a great post.

I think the most important one is Carer’s Allowance