Carers Allowance : Changes Announced ! Enforced Rather Than A Necessary Concession?

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Carers UK welcomes changes to Carer’s Allowance in response to Coronavirus

30 March 2020

To help unpaid carers during the Coronavirus outbreak, the Government has introduced a new aspect to the eligibility criteria for claiming Carer’s Allowance, the main benefit for people caring 35 hours or more per week.

The new regulations, which come into force today (Monday 30th March 2020), allow unpaid carers in England and Wales to continue to claim Carer’s Allowance if they have a temporary break in caring, because they or the person they care for gets coronavirus or if they have to isolate because of it.

The Government has also confirmed that providing emotional support counts towards the Carer’s Allowance threshold of 35 hours of care a week – an issue which has been concerning many carers.

The measures will be reviewed in six months’ time.
Helen Walker, Chief Executive of Carers UK, said:

“With the situation moving so quickly, we are pleased the Government has rapidly responded and introduced this new provision, ensuring that unpaid carers can continue to claim Carer’s Allowance if their caring role changes during the coronavirus outbreak.

“In this uncertain period it is important that unpaid carers continue to receive this vital financial support as so many rely on it to make ends meet.

“Some carers will not be providing the same levels of practical care but will be doing just as much, if not more, to reassure the people they care for that things are ok. The emotional support being provided by carers up and down the country will be crucial in managing the anxiety and wellbeing of many vulnerable people over the coming weeks and months.”

I suspect the reaction will be … " Be thankful for small mercies … even if you need a magnifying glass ? "

Perhaps to avoid thousands of " Change of circumstances " being submitted to the DWP ?

Nothing so far to compensate those carers who WERE working and caring beyond possible sick pay ?

There again , how many working carers don’t qualify due to lack of hours … or on zero hour contracts … the new emphasis being on the word ZERO ?

Any now not working but still having to shell out for nursery fees to " Protect " their child’s place when they reopen ???

As a pensioner, I get sweet FA in any case!

They should be increasing carers allowance to £400.00 a week for a standard 35 hr week and in addition, increasing it to £15.00 an hr for any hrs over 35 hrs.

… and take half , now increasing , of the 8.5 million carers out of poverty ?

Heresy !

Thing is Bill if they don’t start wising up, then nobody will be prepared to take on unpaid care. At the moment, the whole situation is a joke.


You are so right! I hadn’t thought of that.

I have not been able to work for 24 years.

We are supposed to have a life outside caring.

Just hope everyone can get through this

I know that a lot of people will be having a harder time than I.

My two sons are relatively content most of the time, after an initial first difficult week.

I hope anyone having a tough time reaches out for help.

In reply to Charm … our sole surviving ex Carers Trust member ( ? ) … putting my reactionary bowler on :

" Carers chose to care , don’t they ? "

Our Lord Kitch spells out in plain English what to expect … and hundreds if not thousands chose to join our ranks every month.

Why ?

That over played " Family " card ?

Time for the old boy to have a wash and brush up :

I transgress a little … crossing over , yet again , to numerous other threads ?

Just like me losing nags … BLINKERS ON posters !

I don’t think that is much of a concession or victory.
Carers Allowance is paid for 12 weeks anyway if you or the person you care for goes into hospital anyway.

I was hoping it was going to say Carer’s allowance has been increased to recognise the increase in care being provided by families due to day services being closed and less care worker visits and the increase in food prices due to having to buy what is available, because the cheaper brands have been snapped up.

I’m not eligible either BB.


The more I ponder , the more I’m convinced that it is to SAVE the DWP more work !

Costs ?

Monetary value to the 1 in 9 / 10 / 11 claiming CA ?

Carers moving onto other benefits within UC … more monies ?

How much change do you usually carry ?

Nothing else.

120 comments on Facebook within 48 hours ?

Almost a record for that community ?

Carers UK

Not a bunch of happy bunnies ?