Is careers allowance a state benefit

Just doing my self assessment tax return and one of the questions is Do you receive any state benefit"
So, is careers allowance a state benefit, i’m sure the answer must be yes?

Sorry just found it , yes its a taxable benefit, not that anyone could reach a taxable level and get careers?

Yes … a state benefit.

Carers Allowance is NOT means tested.

Only will affect " Taxable " levels if CA + income takes one over the limit to pay income tax.

With that £ 123 limit on weekly earnings and claiming carers allowance , an unlikely scenario.

Thanks for the reply.

on the self assessment form, it only seems to ask you “Do you receive a state benefit” and you say yes. It doesnt seem to actually ask which one and how much you receive. I haven’t actually finished my SA yet, but is that right? Maybe somehow in the back ground it knows what state benefit you claim? UPDATE ok ive got further on the forms and it does ask you “Total of any other taxable State Pensions and benefits:” Sorry for asking too early.

Also Class 2 nics are covered by carers allowance, so somehow it knows that too?

I may have to phone and ask.

Takes the TaxMan some time to catch up with the DoleMan … sometimes , a decade or more ?

The recent DoleMan purge on 80,000 odd carers a prime example.

That thread lays bare the ineptitude of Government departments in talking to one another !