Interview under caution

I have been called in for an interview regarding recoding carers allowance for my son. From going back to the 2 previous years I have recived this benefit I have gone through my earnings and I am over the £120.00 per week. However when off setting my childcare costs this brings me way underneath the threshold. The only reason I can think I have been called in is they are unaware of my son’s childcare costs as I didn’t tell them he was in nursery as I didn’t know this was a requirement for them to know. My.own fault didn’t read the paperwork properly that was sent through to me.
I’m worries about Tuesday and the not knowing is driving me crazy aswell.
My earnings from working out and deduction of childcare brings me under.
So why am I being called in under caution could it be because I didn’t notify them that my work hours increased and also my son was attending a nursery…

Hi Samantha … welcome.

An interview under caution relation to a benefits claim.

In this instance , Carers Allowance.

One for the Carers UK Advice team to advise on.

Contact details follow … best by email :

There have been press articles recently on the recent DWP purge on carers.

All we know at forum level so far is contained in that separate thread :

Let us know how matters progess , it may help others in the future.

Thankyou I will also try and speak to a solicitor for 30 mins for free to get advice on Monday.

I feel so stupid and angry. I haven’t claimed anything for selfish reasons or intentionally and I’m getting called in now.

And for an interview under caution I’m petrified of what’s going to happen to me.

I’ll have to wait and see what happens on Tuesday. I was going to bring my husband in but I have been told he cannot attend in the interview room with me. I haven’t told my parents for many reasons.

Very wise , Samantha.

The DWP are not the happiest of bunnies … even at the best of times.

Hi Samantha,
This must be a very anxious time for you.

I don’t have direct experience of this, but from what I can glean of the situation:

You need to prepare as much as possible for the interview, so you can back up what you say.
There is information here on exactly what you can deduct from your earnings to bring down to the qualifying amount: Carer's Allowance | Carers UK.
Gather all your wage slips and allowable cost receipts such as Care for your caree etc to take with you.

You could try contacting the Carers UK helpline,

You can email us at > > and we will respond to your enquiries within 10 working days, although it can often be sooner.

Our telephone helpline providing information is open on Mondays and Tuesdays between 10am and 4pm - 0808 808 7777

Though, I don’t think you will get the advice you need in time.

The CAB offer the following information and can also advise on solicitors:

Making use of the 30 mins free advice from a solicitor sounds like excellent advice.

I also found this information online:

Who can come to the interview with me?
Anyone who is not connected to the investigation can come to the interview such as a friend, a social worker, or a relative.
We do not have childcare facilities and will not interview you if you have a dependant child with you at the time of the interview.
If the person attending the interview with you is not a solicitor or legal advisor, they are with you for moral support only. They have no right to speak, to advise you or to ask questions during the interview…
You can have a solicitor or legal advisor with you. You can appoint a solicitor or legal advisor yourself or your local Citizens Advice Bureau may be able to help you to do this.

An increasing number of carers are finding themselves in this situation, you aren’t alone in your circumstance. Please let us know how you get on.