Interesting information on Direct payments - worth a read

Just a few snippets:

Developing a contingency plan

You should discuss and agree this plan with your LA or CCG where possible, and then use it when you think it’s necessary. Things you may want to consider including within this plan are:

different networks of support: you should consider who else can support you if they are willing and able (such as extended family and friends), to keep safe, and what information, advice or training they may need to do this

During COVID-19, it is possible that the way you have received your care and support may have needed to change. This might have impacted on the amount of money you have used during this time. For example, if you haven’t been able to access community classes.

Unspent money from your direct payment should continue to be made available to you to manage your own care and support in the way that works for you during this time, keeps you safe, and meets your health and wellbeing needs.

If you have spent less money than usual during COVID-19, LAs and CCGs should not permanently reduce the amount allocated to you. We recognise that this is an uncertain time, and you may need to deviate away from your personalised care and support plan to ensure your needs are met.

You should not be penalised for this.

It’s well worth reading yourself.