Can my direct payment assessment still go ahead

I was given information regarding having an assessment for my son who has a carers package which has not been accessed for two years due to being told from NHS continuing funding that there were no care provider services available in my area and I was told six weeks ago that because of this, my son would have to have direct payments for his care instead and I would have to arrange his care. I have not heard anything since being sent information on direct payments within an email and case worker told me they were off in holiday the next week
With the current crisis situation, doe anyone have advice regarding whether I am still able to have my sons direct payments assessed and should they have been back in touch with me by now regarding this.
I have had no care support for over two years and am suffering I’ll health because of this.


I do know from experience that you have to jump up and down and make a fuss if you need support.

Get on the phone… email again… if you don’t hear contact again.

If you are struggling they should be looking to support you.

Thanks Cloudygal, I will email them.

No support for two years when it seems that there has already been a CHC assessment saying he’s eligible??!!??

Make a formal complaint to the CCCG. This is absolutely not acceptable.