Direct payment contribution - please help

good morning
i am the parent of a disabled adult of 34 years of age, my daughter
me and my wife are full time carers for her
at present she receives direct payments from the local council to pay for her day care and respite
she receives 5 days a week day care at a local multipurpose centre for special needs and 25 days a year respite spread over the year in weekend and midweek breaks
her respite will now have to be stopped and restarted gradually so she can get used to respite once again and we do not expect her to have any respite this year
her day care as of yet again we have no dates for it to start as social distancing can not be done with my daughter
now heres the issue
she has to pay a contribution payment of approx £35 a week towards these services
now due to corona virus all her services were suspended on 1st april so she is permanently at home now
the local council that pays her direct payment still insists on taking her £35 per week contribution even though at present she is not receiving any services from anyone

Where do we stand as no one seems to be able to give guidance on this including everything on the government website

Stop paying it. Under contract law, a contract becomes invalid if it is impossible for someone to provide the services they said they would. Google “contract frustration”.

the problem with this is they are still paying the direct payments and it is not the local councils that supplies the day care and respite, but an adjacent council and it was the adjacent council that suspended all services due to covid19 and the safety of their users

Can the day centre staff start zoom calls with your daughter (depending on her abilities) to get her re aqainted with the staff (perhaps with your help).

I can see why the council are still paying them.

You will want the services to still be there after Lockdown.