I need help

I’ve given up, led in bed working out how to commit suicide again.
Daughter is 19 is Aspie not badly has hyper mobility so pain and fatigue, social and separation anxiety. Husband is high functioning autistic type 1 diabetic. I have Addison’s asthma and chronic pain and I’ve reached the end of my tether. Just finished 6 weeks of counselling and was told to get out in nature and make time for myself!!
I work 25 hrs a week and do everything. All the house stuff, all the emotional stuff, all the driving neither of them will go out of the house without me so I have to taxi them wherever they want to go.
If it’s not emotional meltdown cause some thing isn’t right it’s being ignored cause they hate and can’t deal with people. Now I have my 90 year old father in law to add to the mix too, I’m 50 this year and can’t do this anymore I just want to run away or fall asleep and never wake up. Help what do I do.

Hi Emma

Things sound really difficult for you right now.
You are not on your own and I know you can find a way through this.

Please call 111 or call the Samaritans if you are feeling suicidal. Your well-being is so important and there are people you can speak with in a crisis.

Hi Emma

Thanks for sharing how you are feeling right now, I have sent you a DM.