I’m devastated with news about my Dad

I’m absolutely devastated I’ve looked after my dad for 18 years after my mum died and a few years ago he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s he is 89 years old and had skin cancer which has spread to his neck he may be able to have treatment but it won’t prolong his life much he has been given a year I just don’t know how I’m gonna get through it and I just hope my dad doesn’t suffer I’m devastated and heartbroken xx

@Nikki_Anne Hi Hon - we’re here, I’m so sorry for this news. I remember what you’ve shared in the forum. Please be kind to yourself.
We can help you with suggestions of how to help yourself.
To reassure you, there is medication and pain support management that I’m sure your Dad will receive as part of the care. To prepare yourself for some terminology - people and healthcare professionals call this kind of care palliative treatment, it means there’s things they can do to relieve any symptoms and manage any pain he may start to get, to help him be comfortable, but this can’t treat the cancer
Where will he being cared for? Do you still have carers supporting you?

@Victoria_1806 thanks hun your support is greatly appreciated and If you could guide me to the right people to help me thanks. Not sure if my dad is going into a care home or nursing home yet xx


It may be upsetting

Palliative care services locally: Find palliative care services - NHS


Give Maggies a call - they can offer you support, counselling and also if there is a centre near you that would be wonderful as they’re centres are an oasis of calm and support

ask Carers UK for the local support groups and connect with the helpline, is my advice

Hope these help
best wishes

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@Nikki_Anne I can only echo Victoria. Please please try and get some support for YOU as then next few months will be very hard. I know my local Hospice is very good with relatives and carers and some support is offered. So please make those telephone calls. Can only send cyber hugs.

Everyone else has said more than I could. The only thing I have on offer is :people_hugging: :people_hugging: and :pray:t2: :pray:t2:

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