I’m desperate

My Mum lives 25 miles from me. She is registered blind, has heart failure and dementia and has 4 carer visits a day. A District nurse came today and routinely took her temperature. It was high 38.6. She probably has a water infection but may have Corona Virus. Her carers have been withdrawn as they lack PPE. They have left her with no support. I have asthma and have been self isolating for 7 days. They are asking if I can go and take care of her. Help help help!

Karen, what a nightmare, you must be so worried.

Ring 111 for advice re obtaining PPI for the agency carer workers and for advise on this situation.

Who has suggested you must care for her yourself - the care workers or the agency management?

Has the nurse tested your Mum’s urine?

If you get nowhere, ring for an ambulance for her.


I spoke to Social Services at about 5.00 pm they asked if she had any family who could go and care for her and support her instead of the care agency.
I rang my Mum and told her her carers are short staffed and could she make a sandwich for this evening. She should be Ok tonight but needs her heart failure medication in the morning and help with dressing and breakfast.
If I go and stay with her I will be away from my husband and daughter. My daughter has had a baby 6 weeks ago and also needs my support. She had a c section.