I cannot go on. Reasons to live?

I’m so fed up, my depression has gone on for too long now. Nothing is getting better and I feel like I’m crying out for help so much and no one is listening. Since the pandemic all my mental illnesses have got worse, I’m so sick of them! I’m trying everything my mental health team are saying but it’s not helping.

Due to Covid, my group therapy is postponed until further notice, so it’s anyone’s guess as to when that’ll start. This lockdown is also making matters worse too and it’s also anyone’s guess as to when it’ll be eased.

There’s only one way out, and one way that this will all go away, and I’m considering it. I don’t want to die but I guess this is the only way. Idek.


Hi Sun,

I’m sorry you are struggling so much and the suggestions from the mental health team don’t seem to be working.

It’s a pity your support group can’t meet - the law does allow them to meet during Lockdowns. Do the organisers not realise this? Could you meet up yourselves using Zoom until it resumes?

Most people agree this lockdown is the hardest.

Are you able to get out of the house each day? I saw a few crocuses on our walk yesterday and it reminded me that spring is round the corner. I checked the garden and we have a few snowdrops flowering.

Talk with people as much as you can and remember the Samaritans are there to listen too https://www.samaritans.org.

Hello Sun,
I am listening to you. I understand how you feel. This awful Lockdown has made me feel very depressed too. But as Melly has said - Spring is coming and that will certainly help me.
Every day I either go for a walk or go in my garden. The exercise helps but it is the daylight that helps me most.

Please tell us a bit more about yourself, how old are you? Have you got family/friends? Talking to others helps me feel better. When the restrictions are lifted I look forward to going to my dance classes again, meeting new people by joining groups and going for a coffee with friends. I avoid my sisters because to them I am just ‘mum’s carer’.
Are you looking after someone? It’s very hard if you’re not getting support from others.

Hello sun

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having a really tough time recently. I’ve sent you an email with some suggestions of support and information which I hope you will find helpful.

Wishing you well