I am struggling to care

No I was instead sharing some useful tips on organisation.

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They did everything because there was no alternative, but moved to the UK for a better life?
Here, there IS support available, and no one can be forced to care for someone else, even a husband for a wife!
You should not have to sacrifice your young life because your grandparents are ill and your uncle won’t help. Caring for one person is hard, caring for two is just too much if they need a lot of support.

Start by asking Social Services for a Carers Assessment, to be done away from home if possible so it is entirely confidential, no one listening.

My uncle has been helping out a lot more now since November. But as my grandma’s condition has worsened, whatever I was doing has increased and now I can’t do any of it.
I have spoken to my mum and uncles today. I won’t be doing anything anymore because it’s affecting my health.
If my grandma has any more falls and gets worse again, more will have to be put into place but I’m not going to deal with it just because I can’t.
I know it won’t be straightforward as I find it hard to say no when seeing an ill/sick person in pain especially because I live with them

We all have our own breaking point. I met mine, when I just couldn’t do it any more.
You have done enough.