Husband about to be discharged and need some advice

This is my first time ever posting on a forum, I am desperate for some advice from Carers.
My husband has suffered a massive stroke and is about to be discharged home after 11 months in various hospitals and rehabilitation. He is hemiplegic, and has half of his skull missing, memory problems,sight problems and severe spatial neglect.
I have been told that we will have Carers coming in daily to transfer him,but nothing has been confirmed. I haven’t a clue what to expect, and I feel silly asking the questions that are whirling around my head in the middle of the night. What if he needs the toilet, and It’s not time for Carers to come, how is he going to wash(he will not have access to the bathroom) what do I do if he tries to walk by himself because he does not recognise his disability.
I’m sorry if my questions seem idiotic to those of you who are already caring, I am just so unsure of how it will be and he is coming home in 2 weeks.
I don’t have any family around us who can help, we have 3 children at home, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi & welcome Paula

Your poor husband and such devastation for your family.

First answer you do not have to have your husband home. If you are clearly not able to meet his current needs.

As he as been in hospital this long. There is no rush!!

There has to be a safe hospital discharge. Do not agree to anything without support for the whole family.

Speak to hospital PALS

Do not be pressured into making rushed decisions.

Ask as many questions of professional as you like.

Your husband and children’s ages.

Everyone’s needs have to be considered and met.

There needs to also be a needs carers assessment for you.

Have a look at the NHS Continuing Healthcare Framework. The hospital need to sort out an assessment for him. Tell them you will not allow him in the house if they send him home until this has been completed. They just want their bed back. That’s all they care about. Also Google Barbara Point on or Poynton.