How to support parents remotely?

My parents are old, especially my father’s health is not good, I feel worried every time they go out without me to take care of. But my parents wanted to have their own space, not to be disturbed. I’m thinking is there a way to help me control their journey and support my parents when really needed? If yes, please introduce it to me.

If they are capable of going out together, they don’t sound at serious risk of harm.
How old are they, and what are their health issues?

Hello & welcome Henry

I’m not sure you can control their journeys. Only informed them you are concern for their health and well-being. And if they would be able to share their whereabouts with you to ease your mind. And how they would get help should it be needed.

What are your major concerns? Are they likely to suffer a fall. Will they not be able to access assistance should they need it etc.