How to send an entire Household into panic!

I’ve been holding this post back as once again it involves one of the tweedle dee, tweedle dum moronic carers.

Mum was screaming leave me alone, but for some reason the carers wouldn’t leave her alone.

After they had left I found Mum crying. She pointed to a note they had left.

“Can you call the Office and ask to Speak to Laura ASAP”. I panicked, had tweedle dee once again accused Mum of hitting her, was it serious. Why do i have a note asking to call the office at 7:30 when it doesn’t open until 8:30…

The two carers had found a lump on Mums right breast and rather than be discreet scared the hell out of Mum. They phoned the out of hours carer, Laura. Explained it to her. But rather than ask her to call me explaining, left a note on my seat. Call the office urgently.

I love Mums carers other than Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum…The carer who clearly told Mum she had a lump in her breast then walked out cursing how bad our key safe is…

Definitely complain. Not exactly the same thing but I once scolded a therapist for stupidly shouting out the access code to my flat for no reason. I was not impressed. Some carers honestly have no common sense. Jot down all the details and then email the office to complain. Can you find another care provider or not?

Mum’s GP visited today and found lumps on both breasts, I’m not panicking at the moment.

Last November Mum went to hospital to have lumps checked out and was given the all clear. The GP said it is probably just fatty lumps but would review the notes from the last visit (Mum was under a different GP while at her Nursing Home and will ring me).

Mum is obviously unsettled and upset about what is going on and was ready for bed at her usual 7 O’clock call.

Of all days the carers swanned in 20 minutes late, we’ve just got back from McDonalds. I was getting annoyed and said to Mum, I wonder what the excuse will be.

The fact they were 20 minutes late because they had decided to go to McDonalds… Teeth Grinding

Did the doctor say he would refer your mum to the clinic for mamograms and follow-up. Im sure you will be on the case. It needs to be looked into and quickly.

Sorry you’ve got this to cope with now too.

But how unprofessional!

What did the doctor say? Has he referred her to a cancer clinic for more tests or not? Macmillan is a good source of information on all types of cancer etc. You can call the helpline on 0808 808 00 00 for emotional support, or read their information booklets on their website (when I was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2013, I found them very helpful). It might not be true cancer, but follow up is always recommended if it is a serious health issue just to be safe. Best wishes and I sincerely hope it is not cancer. You are in my prayers!

Let us know what happens next.

The GP is going to read the notes on Mum’s last visit to clinic with lumps (Last November), but she has to obtain them from a different GP. Mum was told the lumps were nothing to worry about then.

The lumps aren’t visible, the GP had to physically feel around to feel them so it’s amazing the carers noticed them.

I’m just praying they are the same lumps. I’m guessing they must be.