How to report care provider urgently

What is the best route to having a private care provider investigated? I have urgent concerns about my friend in their care and have just been alerted that someone else in their care has died, and it is not natural death.

Contact CQC if you have concerns. If you have specific concerns you can also contact adult safeguarding which is part of your council/social care.


If you know for certain that a death is not natural then I would think that the Police are the ones to be informed.

With regard to your own relative, ring CQC.
They have a helpline, a central call centre but inspectors are local.
With regard to the death, ring the Police.

Thank you for the replies so far. This is Wales, so I think it is CIW. However, both CQC and CIW say they do not investigate individual concerns and may not inspect a single care provider.

That is their standard reply, because call handlers are not the ones to make decisions, just there to take calls. I have made a report before and had an inspector on the phone to me within hours.
Can you tell us a bit more about your concern about your own relative?

Dear Lil

Please have a look at the link to our ‘making complaints’ page, it will signpost you to relevant authority.

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