Going to Care Inspectorate Wales - Can they help?


Looking for advice, and unsure if this is the correct category to be posting under, but I thought I’d give it a try.

I am a carer for my father, and also have a package of care procured via Social Services. My father has had this package of care for four months.

I have big concerns about the care provider which have not been solved in trying to work with them alone.

I have therefore spoken to Care Inspectorate Wales twice, and asked them to take on our case formally. The first time was not successful in that CIW forwarded me back to the care provider. This has not worked two months on, and so I have today gone back to CIW.

Has anyone had any experience of working with Care Inspectorate Wales or the equivalent in England/Scotland/N Ireland etc, and did you achieve any positive outcomes?

I have (as PoA for my father) had to make a decision today to pull out of this package of care due to the concerns I have, but I still want this issue to be investigated.

I would like to know what similar experiences other carers may have encountered and how they were dealt with?

Any thoughts, advice, etc would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi Paul,

it is my understanding, that after complaining and trying to resolve the issue with the Care Agency, your next action would be to contact social care and raise the concern with them.
Carers UK provide this information on their main website Making complaints | Carers UK

I believe, that although CQC inspect care providers and take into account complaints made against a provider when they are inspecting them, they do not investigate on behalf of individuals who have complained. https://www.cqc.org.uk/contact-us/how-complain/complain-about-service-or-provider However, this may be different in Wales?

You could contact Carers UK helpline Get in touch with us | Carers UK If you can’t get through by phone, then email them.


Thank you for that advice Melly1.