How to get In-Laws in to Social Warden Controlled Housing

My Wife and I have provided a home for her parents for the past 2 years. Neither have great health. Mother has been diagnosed with Vascular Dementia and has limited mobility. Father has diabetes, high blood pressure and mobility issues. Both have experienced emergency hospital visits in the last 2 years and their health and well-being, both mentally and physically is in decline.

Unfortunately, we cannot continue to provide a home and caring arrangements. The burden has had its toll on mine, my wife and my sons mental well being. In particular, my wife has been diagnosed with a benign brain tumour and the stress of caring and holding down a full-time job has exacerbated the symptoms of her tumour. We are having to make life decisions on my wife’s career and likewise, the in-laws recognise the need to be elsewhere.

Unfortunately, the in-laws have very little capital and cannot afford to buy or to rent in the private sector. With support, we have recently completed a housing application. However, this has resulted in an assessment rating of a low housing need (Grade D, with Grade A the most needy ranked from E to A).

We have spoken briefly to Adult Services and were advised that a Care Needs Assessment was not necessary for housing/accommodation options!!

So now we are feeling at a complete loss and don’t know what to do. The In-laws are not capable of progressing matters on their own and it seems, having taken them in 2 years ago as the only option at the time, we are now trapped. Does anyone out there have experience or advice on what else we can do please?. My wife and I are starting to feel desperate and despite some help, somewhat isolated in this dilemma.

If your are thinking of independent and/or extra care schemes You need to apply individually and directly to the schemes. Each scheme has it’s own set of criteria.

This link is a good starting point. Look what’s in your area.

Work out want is needed for your in laws. And make sure you are on the same page.

Such places can have a long waiting lists.

There are places for everyone. It’s just making as sure as possible that all concerned are in agreement.

Consider level of care, activities, interests, meal plans/restaurant.

Where were your in-laws living before they moved in with you?

Have you checked to see if they would be eligible for housing benefit which could help with a private rental?

Have you made it clear to the LA that you could - in theory - make your in-laws homeless overnight?