How to defeat depression and anxiety, without prescription?

I suffer from depression and anxiety, it is not consistent but rather it happens now again when the things begin to get hard in my life. People usually say that depression and anxiety can be cured but I need to know, is there any way to cure depression and anxiety without medication because I think in future, it is likely to happen again.


Cure depression and anxiety without medication.

Ralph … Internet search … using the above words … numerous links will be revealed as to feasible or not.

Bear in mind , one size does NOT fit all.

It can be helped by

  • exercise

  • healthy eating

  • socialising

  • meditating /mindfulness

  • counselling

  • volunteering/helping others/animals

  • the self esteem from paid work

use any or all of the above in proportions that help you.Some take a bit more effort than other but are all worth it.

Somewhere on here is a long list of short term 'mood lifters" that may help too


Here’s the link mentioned above

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