How many Phone calls from hospital staff constitutes haressm

In my previous post I explained the situation i have found myself. This week I have felt the need to not attend the hospital to see my father and have become so stressed that I haven’t wanted to return home after work due the The numerous messages left for me from hospital personal. These messages have been from OT would wish for the third time in two months want to view my father’s home, despite that fact he hasn’t been at home and nothing changed! Just different personel. Several different discharge nurses, a hospital consultant to tell give update on father’s deteriorating health. also a lady from chs healthcare who wants me to view nursing homes. Hospital social worker. They have called and put messages on my mobile during the day. And on my home answer machine. Three or four a day. I haven’t responded as I am just so totally stressed and on my own. They even tracked down my daughter I have no idea how they got her number and have now started to ring her and have told her she had to attend a meeting next week.

At what point does this became harassment. I really can’t cope.

Whether it’s harassment or not, if you can’t cope then it’s not acceptable.

I have been in similar (although not to same extent admittedly - your experience sounds unfortunate to say least! :open_mouth: ) situation this week in that simply can’t always be at local NHS trustks beck and call. I am going get my carers advocate to address - might that be a possibility for you?

Health and social care professionals have no (apparent) comprehension of being a carer. I think they imagine we just sit around at home, twiddling our thumbs waiting for tasks to do, at their convenience.

Although my situation is different, I totally understand how you feel. I’m currently being bombarded at work (email and missed calls on my mobile,) and come home to messages on my answerphone and more emails; re sorting S’s morning support. Looking after S, holding down a job and sorting out the morning support has seriously affected my sleep and my stress levels.

BB would suggest taking some annual leave and going away for a week or so to give yourself a break from it all.

Is your GP supportive? Would he be able to contact some of these people and say you are under considerable strain and to back off.

One person should be co-ordinating all his care, tell his GP or social worker, it can’t be you. If you lived abroad, someone else would have to take on this role. Perhaps get your Dad an advocate?

Sorry I can’t be of more help.