How long from needs assessment to secure a care package?

My grandmother has rapidly deteriorated and her usual carer (her partner) is going to be away for 3 months. Without someone with her she is likely to forget medication/ not eat and just generally not take care of herself. She is on benefits and hasn’t got any savings.

I have filled in a needs assessment but I was wondering how long it would usually take from filling in the initial assessment to actually receiving the care package and the funding?

If urgent, care should be arranged immediately. However the dire shortage of support staff is causing real issues. You may have to nag Social Services!

According to the Ombudsman, it should never take longer than 4-6 weeks, but mostly it takes longer. That said, if it’s urgent, as BB says, they can make arrangements urgently. The shortest time I ever came across was two hours, from the initial phone call, but that was an emergency.

Heya. My own care needs evaluation was only a hour and a half. That was because I did not qualify for some types of assistance. Good luck. Make brief summary notes. Do some proper research online too. Always recommended in case.