Care package for my Mum

Hi all
My mum who has Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia and who lives with me has been offered a care package of
7 hours per week to help me out with caring for her. Does anyone know how many hours of care a council can offer?
Thanks Neil

How serious is her condition? That’s hardly enough time for you to get to the shops and back!

Hi Neil,

In our area, care packages are worked out according to assessed need and the tasks that a family carer says they aren’t prepared/able to do. Have you seen the assessment and do you agree with it?

Have you had a carer’s assessment too? In addition to the hours agreed for meeting your Mum’s care, you can be awarded additional care to give you a break from your caring role.

Hi bowlingbun
Yes thats what I thought, my mum is suffering with a lot of anxiety when she is on her own even if I am only upstairs, her medication is being reviewed so hopefully this may improve, I think I will see how these 7 hours go and if needed will ask for more.
Thanks for your reply :+1:

Hi Melly1
I haven’t seen the assessment so I will ask to see it. I have had a Carers assessment that’s when they recommended 7 hours care package per week I just didn’t think that was a lot

Hi @Neil_Mc Almost certainly it’s two calls per day at half an hour each. That won’t provide you with any meaningful break but it probably is aimed at removing the intimate personal care for your mum, something that you both are probably a bit uncomfortable about.

You have an absolute right to have paper copies of both assessments. That is a legal MUST.

Hi Charles
The social worker said they Will do the personal care with mum, which is obviously difficult for me, does the 7 hours sound about right then.

Hi @Neil_Mc . I’d put it this way: it’s the sort of package I’d expect if all they want to do is make you both feel a bit more comfortable with the type of care you’re doing. It’s a minimum package, basically.

But there’s nothing there that considers your wellbeing and your need for a break and to get away from caring, not even for a couple of hours every couple of weeks or so. That’s why you need copies of the assessments, to see what they say you need and what they think this 7 hours will actually do for you.

If mum needs you there 24/7, then the assessment is ridiculous.
It should NOT assume that you are available to care for the 23 hours when they won’t be there!
Did you tell them “I need x hours a DAY off from caring?”
No one can be forced to care, not even a wife for a husband.

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Thanks for your reply I will ask the social worker for a copy when I next see her, I was also asked if I wanted to use council Carers or get my own carers to do the 7 hours, have you any advice on this, sorry to bombard you with all these questions

Yes, she did mention restbite, but it sounded like mum would go in a care home for a week while I went on holiday, not sure about all the details of this, I will have to ask the social worker for more clarification

No problem.

Personally I’d use the council. It’s likely to be quicker getting someone in than if you try to find someone. Also if you employ someone direct you’re responsible for everything as an employer, whereas if the council does it, that’s all their problem. This is supposed to be making things easier for you, and taking on extra responsibility for a few hours a week isn’t going to do anything for you.

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Yes that’s a good point, I don’t need any more responsibility at the moment so Will do that,
Thanks for your help

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