Does it run April to April when you have a financial assessment for a care package?

Well, still no answer about an invoice for care we were sent.
Can I ask this, we had an assessment initially in April 2022, we were given the contribution we needed to make, so does that then end in April 2023?
Many thanks if anyone can help

It should be reviewed ready for the beginning of the financial year. There’s a bit more to it than that, but I suggest you contact the helpline as they’re up to date with the legal bits.

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They are meant to do a financial review yearly. In our county it runs from April to April.

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Hi, I’ve rung the helpline and was told they can’t help with this matter, been directed to Citizens Advice.

In short, we got a 4 hour package that was quoted at £12.55 weekly.
After a 6 month period we get an invoice for almost £5.000!
They say have a new assessment, but it is just detracting from the assessment done in April 2022, received a letter confirming the cost.

Thanks for posting, I’m sure most things financially are April to April, and the assessment was officially done by the council’s assessor.
It’s the worry of it, just hanging over us.

Ask for copies of all letters, invoices and assessments carried out from March 2022 onwards. Even if you were supposed to pay £12.55 an hour, it wouldn’t come to £4,000. There’s been a miscommunication somewhere and there must be paperwork that shows this is wrong.

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Thanks for your input, I’ve found a care plan and on the back it says
ACTUAL COST £98? No way would we have agreed to an amount of £143 a week. For 4 hours care in a whole week.
The bill for respite which came on their own were correct, our contribution was £143 and then pro-rata.
They took over 6 months to produce an invoice for the 4 hour package.
Going off the letter set at the £12.55 wasn’t too worried.
Such a shock receiving that letter!
Added note, they have been charging us £143 a week for this 4 hour package from December 2022, what happened to the £12.55, no changes in circumstances