How do benefits change if mum lives with us?

Newbie here…hello!! My Mum will be coming to live with us eventually, atm she is ok on her own and prefers this and her independence but would prefer to live with us if she can no longer manage alone. We have sorted power of attorney already. We own our home, no mortgage and Mum is in a council bungalow and receives her pension and pension credits, so pays no rent or poll tax and gets benefits to help her pay for help (at night too)…how do these alter if she moves in with us?? Does she get her pension and benefits for help/care still or do these change. Sorry about all the bits and questions but its a new area to us and I am yet to look into it properly…

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You’re welcome to call our advice line with your questions, they’ll be able to answer all your benefits queries. You can contact them on 0808 808 7777 from Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm

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I always caution against a parent moving in, it’s much better for all concerned to ensure that everything possible is done for someone to live alone as long as possible, and then move into residential care.
So many people here have bitterly regretted a parent moving in.
It’s not just the parent but the children who are getting older. Parent gets used to children being around all the time, resent them going away on holiday. Parent used to doing what they want when they want, very fixed in their ways. Children get ill, parent doesn’t see how much they are doing for them, etc. etc.
I know this all sounds very negative, but it’s the brutal truth.
Is there room for a downstairs bedroom? Will they get up the stairs in a few years time? Is there a separate living room for parent and children? Is there a separate access so that parents carers don’t come through the children’s part of the house?

Your Mum or you could do a benefits calculation. Certain benefits are a gateway to other things. So because she receives pension credit this is a top up to the amount of money. A person needs to live on which can be also a connection to receiving housing benefit etc. Which is connected to savings amounts etc. As Mum will no longer receiving it. If you will not be charging her rent?

It’s made up of two parts, called guarantee credit and savings credit.

There are to parts as stated above. Do you know which Mum gets.

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