How can you register for CQC approval?

Hi all
I’m a semi- retired Social care executive with a little time on my hands.
I would like to help under appreciated carers get their foot on the business ladder. Remove the middle man who takes the lions share of your pay.

I’m not for hire, but happy to help carers become compliant with CQC, whether it’s paperwork or interview advice I can help. I’ve previously setup a care company and registered with CQC on at least 4 occasions. I’ve previously been an ICU nurse, registered care home manager, social care manager, complex care manager, managing director of a care company and won awards for opporational management and branch management.

As I said I’m not here for a job, but to assist where I can.

I’m sorry, Steve, but all the carers here are unpaid. They neither need to be CQC compliant nor receive pay for caring for family members or friends.

Hello Steve

Thank you for posting on our forum however Carers UK is a charity set up to support and advise those caring for a relative and/or friend in an unpaid non-professional capacity - we are not salaried (unless you count the pitiful Carers Allowance as “pay”) professional care staff.

How about helping unpaid carers to get training?
Help unpaid carers get the same pay as nurses?
Help get unpaid carers the 30% pay rise that a newspaper reported that Doctors are wanting because of high case loads and longer hours.
We work 24/7 with little to no respite, no breaks, no shift work and then off duty, no annual leave, days off, sick leave and pay etc, no fabulous pension packages.
Unpaid carers weekly pay is what a nurse would get for half a days work.
We get around £3,500 per annum for our 24/7 duties. Which is probably a weeks salary for the higher echelons of the NHS.
How about topping up your awards with an MBE or higher for improving life and better recognition for unpaid carers?

Hi Thank you for the info. For the member who seems to have taken a little offence at my post, I agree with everything you said. My post was an offer if help to carers working for large companies, which pay them a pittance.
Sorry I posted on an inappropriate site and thank you all for the wonderful work you do.

Hi Steve. I don’t think anyone took offence. In my case perhaps there was more than a little surprise that a social care professional was unable to tell the difference between a care worker/care assistant (what the job used to be called) and a carer.

Others made positive suggestions. Perhaps with an edge: we’ve all of us had long experience of social care workers and while there have been positive experiences, we tend to remember the worst first.

Anyway, I hope you make contact with the people you were targeting. Good luck.