How can I help my friend who is giving up on his life?

I have a guy friend, he appears to be chill and cheerful person most of the time. full of energy. knowing him for 3 years, he really is a simple guy. he will play some video games to let off some steam. but recently, it’s quite frequent for me to hear that he wants to give up in life so badly. he always complain that he is tired of life. regardless during work, or at home. he hardly has time for himself as he will work shagle during the day n helps his family member during the night, sometime in business. I’m not sure how I can help as I know I’m not a good listener myself does omegle listening helps. as I’m not doing great in my life as well, so sometime I do agree with him.

You say he helps family members at night.
Are they disabled?

Hi Salina and welcome to the forum.
You say your friend ‘hardly has time for himself.’
That is the problem. He is so busy with work and caring that he doesn’t have enough ‘me’ time. In other words his life has become unbalanced and that has made him feel depressed. He needs to start putting himself first - doing things that make him happy and having a social life again.

It is so important to help carers told that they MUST do various things, that, actuallly, they do NOT have to do anything for anyone else!
No one has the right to control anyone else, we all have the right to do what we want.
Sadly, many of us (including me!) were brain washed as children that being “good” meant putting the needs of others first, and being “bad” was refusing to do something for someone else.
It took counselling when I was 60 to make me see that I was still doing this as far as my mum was concerned!

HI Salina,

you and your friend might find this website useful


Thanks for the suggestions.