How do you not get burnt out?

Does anyone have any self-care tips when caring takes a toll on you? :frowning:

Eat, drink and sleep properly.

Spend time away from your caree, doing something that you want to do, every day preferably.

Remember, “It’s only a phase”: that was our mantra when bringing up our son, and it applies equally with your caree.

Hi HJ,
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There are some good ideas here

Would you like to tell us some more about your caring situation?


Yes, first work out what makes you feel like that most. For me, with a son with severe learning difficulties who I care for part time, it’s the feeling of constantly being on duty, having to account for my every move. When he’s at his flat, and my other son is at work, I can do what I want, without being accountable to anyone.

Life is for living. With that in mind, I am going to see a musical on Wednesday without my cared for person in tow. A friend of mine booked the tickets and we are going by train up to London to see Mary Poppins. Make sure you have breaks. Have you requested a needs assessment or not?