How can I get help

I care for my mum who is 92 years old and has dementia. I get no help at all I’m alone in this journey.
I asked my local Carers Centrie for help and was to get an assessment done but the man was off sick and when I was told in a very nasty Tone you will get who we can give you no idea when or if that will happen and that was that. I feel they are not nice to me and don’t offer to send someone else to do a Carers assessment just that’s that. So much for being a Carers centre the local dementia resource centre have supported me so well that I’m just glad someone understands. But that’s more for mum than for I who is the carer.

Hi Kate.

Needs / Carer assessments … directly through your own LA for those … links follow as to what , on paper , they are :

Getting a social care needs assessment - NHS

Carer's assessment | Carers UK

Usual Forum health warning … waiting times … a real post code lottery.

And , what exists on paper does not automatically mean the same in reality … threads / postings galore on that aspect !

Carers Centre ?

Care to name who runs your local one ? ( My monies are all on just one outfit. )

Dementia Centre ?

Alzheimers Society perhaps ?

In most cases , worth their weight in carers’ gold … food bank parcels … good for carers as well !

Feel free to bounce anything else off us here on this forum.

where abouts are you, it is a bit of a postcode lottery