How are people who need carers supposed to self-isolate?

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I called my insurance company to ask whether I have to pay carers if I do not want them to come in. They advised me I can claim Statutory Sick Pay from the government for a carer’s pay if she has been told to self-isolate. My carer was not showing any symptoms herself, but knowing I am at high risk, informed me she had been in contact with someone who had symptoms. When I explained this, my insurance provider said this did not meet the current government criteria, and if I didn’t want my carer to come in, she would need to be paid in full. The fact I am at high risk was not considered. Given this, how are disabled people expected to protect themselves?.

I am proud to be a resource for the disabled community during this crisis, but I am not enough. We need NHS guidance for care staff in home settings, advice for employers who are also high-risk individuals, and acknowledgement that it is impossible for us to completely self-isolate. I want to support my community as I have always done, but right now, I need the government to help me do that



it is my understanding that if someone comes into contact with someone showing coronavirus symptoms then they should self isolate for 14 days. Therefore the care worker shouldn’t be supporting anybody. She might not be showing symptoms now, but they may emerge later during the 14 day period.

Is the care worker self employed or directly employed by you?


This is not about me did you read the whole article.