Hospital stay

My father who has dementia was admitted with suspected UTI and very agitated. Late at night. Given haloperidol to sedate him. Was walking and talking when he went in
.I feel daily antipsychotics have stopped j walking and talking, when I have seen him on video call I could barely recognisable
I have been asking for days for him to come out, but refused by doctor

I feel desperate

Hi Heather,

how worrying for you. Has his UTI now gone? On what grounds does the doctor want your Father to stay in hospital? It is very rare for hospitals to keep patients in any longer than they have to.

Many hospitals now have dementia champions - contact the ward or PALS and request the dementia champion is involved in your Father’s care.


Thanks for telling me about dementia champion. I will ask tomorrow.

Thanks for your advice. Have spoken to nurse for safeguarding vulnerable adults and she is liasing and trying to get me a visit

That’s good, Heather. Do you have her direct line number or email address? Hope you can visit very soon.