Dementia Assessment whilst in hospital - Help

Hello folks,

I’m wondering if anyone has any advice/guidance on getting a dementia assessment whilst my dad is in hospital?

My mum, is a full-time carer for my dad (79) and he’s been admitted into hospital 3 times over the past 2 months, with only a few days home after discharge between being re-admitted.

He has heart failure and stage 4 Kidney Diseases (along with lots of other co-morbidities) and has been on a mental and cognitive decline over the past year, which has become more prominent in not recognising his son. What’s very difficult is that Drs/Nurses are only seeing a snapshot of what he’s like and his difficulties and chalk it up to generalised delirium.

I’m really nervous about him being discharged without his full needs being assessed - and appropriate care plan given to him to make sure he’s accessing what he needs.

Happy to provide more information if needed. Do we refuse to have him discharged unless an assessment has taken place?

Thanks all

I said “she isn’t going anywhere until you arrange an NHS Continuing Healthcare Assessment”.

If you have concerns that your father has dementia, tell them - and give examples. When I did that with my Mum they took another look at her behaviour and decided we were right that she needed to be checked out. And they arranged it all.