Hope you are feeling better soon

I have long term health issues but i am also an unpaid carer.

I am contacting organisations and saying i have health issues and strugglying to cope.

The amount of people who email back saying hope you will be feeling better soon.

No i have long term life chronic health issues which won’t get better.

I won’t be feeling better soon, some days i really struggle to get out of bed, ill and tired.

Some people boast oh i haven’t been ill for years, they are normal healthy people.

There just seems to be so little understanding of long term chronic health issues.

Really annoys me, hope you will be feeling better soon, I won’t.

Hampshire SSD were told that I shouldn’t care for M full time since he was 16. After cancer surgery in 2004 I was told never to care for anyone ever again. I can’t just dump him though! He needs my support, wants to see his family. I want to see him too, but I do not want all the aggravation with SSD.

He’s now been in supported living for 15 years, but still the most basic possible stuff isn’t in his care plan, which providers treat like some sort of Pick and Mix! Each new social worker doesn’t read the file, so I go over the same stuff endlessly. Over 20 members of SSD staff in five years. A recent subject access request ran to 1800 pages, but still the SW wants me to write more stuff, that doubtless she will never read.

What’s the point??!!??

It must feel very patronising to you as well as very annoying.
Could you bracket an add on stating …polite note, please do not say you hope I feel better soon because I have illness(s) that will not get any better, or words to that effect. I suppose it’s a standard part of replies, which does not help.